AquaFer Technologies of Canada, Ltd. is a diverse water-source technology solutions company whose primary purpose is to develop innovative solutions in the water related industry. AquaFer’s diversity stems from its ability to design, engineer, prototype, and test new ideas, components, and processes within its development facility. All designs center around the generation and provisioning of water and with such innovative development comes technological solutions that are applied to AquaFer’s proprietary water generation systems.

AquaFer’s Q systems produce water economically from atmospheric air. Systems can be designed to produce small or large quantities of water daily practically anywhere. The volume of water contained in the atmosphere on a daily basis is approximately 4,000 trillions gallons of fresh, pure untapped water. This source is renewed daily by nature and is over 300,000 times more water than the total worldwide daily production of desalinization and ten times more water than all the rivers of the world combined. The Company and product line will fulfill the massive void presently found in every sector of the water industry world wide – the need for new water sources!

The AquaFer Systems have many product applications and market segments for marketing entrance that include:

  • Potable Source General Consumption
  • Municipal Water Supply
  • Crop Irrigation
  • Emergency Supply
  • Disaster Relief
  • Home Units
  • Drought Relief
  • Office Units
  • Land Restoration
  • Commercial
  • Ecological Watering
  • Military
  • Agriculture
  • Bottle Water Supply
  • Strategic National Defense
  • Marine
  • Industrial
  • Oilfield Platforms
  • Mobile Supply
  • Strategic Reserve
  • Infrastructure Facility
  • Governmental
  • Laboratory